Sunday, 1 May 2011

Evaluation Question 1

EVALUATION 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Verisimilitude is one of the most important thing in our video, because it is the one of the most important things to the artists, when they write music which aims to the same target audience as ours, and has the same genre of music, a lot of the music is about identity, trying to figure out who you are, why you are here, very philosophical meanings behind the lyrics. So in the many videos which have this element in the music, have it reflected in the video in an almost ironic way. Both “Babes in Toyland – He’s my thing” and “Slipknot – Vermillion” have a very ironic yet disturbing sense of verisimilitude due to the fact it’s so disturbing because it looks so unnatural yet there is that flowing sense to the peice, which is generally the feel of the kind of animation they use, but combined with horrific images and music to match, it gives this very disturbing emotion. The quality of the verisimilitude in these videos is matching to that of a double sided sword.
We carried on this feel into our magazine advert and our digipack, when I was editing them, I made sure I edited to very high quality, being aware of composition and colouring etc, so that it flowed, yet the images on the product were obviously not real. This feel of lets say “Perfect imperfection” Has been consistent throughout the piece, constantly trying to keep it going, keep it consistent. I think it was a good decision that we made when we decided to keep the filming to one room, as a few videos that Heidi and Lucy reviewed had the same thing, which really helped draw focus to the person, As well as the fact we didn’t do a lot of lip syncing, it detaches you from the piece, makes it seem more like an outsiders view, and your jus drawn into the music.
The magazine advert and Digipack took a lot of thought cos we really had to think in the mindset of our target audience and think of what they like, so we decided to look at PJ Harveys CD covers, and draws ideas from that.
This are all very simple designs, just a photo, edited to look low quality and somewhat polaroidish, just with a simple title, nothing particulary exciting, just plain and simple. We carried this on, and also involved photos of the band, and PJ Harvey is always on her covers, so we edited it, added simple text, with a bit of colour over black and white, just to make it stand out.
We also, in response to Babes in Toyland, we decided to almost challenge the stereotypes of women, by palying to the stereotype, but adding in disturbing images to it, and darker meanings as well as a touch of insanity, which I believe appeals greatly to the target adueience – Breaking the mould.

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